Solutions by Design


Progressive Systems, Inc. has been involved in the design and manufacturing of light-gauge steel trusses for more than fifteen years. We utilize a simple symmetrical truss shape that allows for a maximum strength- to-weight ratio, creating a lighter truss for longer spans. By utilizing a U-shaped chord section, PSI is able to produce rigid designs that install quickly with less required bracing. Our trusses also have a high content of recycled steel and can help your project be LEED® - NC certified.

Ahead of the Curve
Moving beyond two dimensions, our 3D modeling process can merge the world of ideas with reality. We design from the ground up using advanced 3D solid modeling which unlocks solutions for arched, compound curved, and serpentine roof shapes. This approach to modeling allows for freedom and creativity in architectural pre- construction design on a scale never before accomplished with two-dimensional planar modeling tools.

3D Modeling
Progressive Systems, Inc. uses proprietary software in conjunction with other commercially available software to guarantee the exact placement of trusses in a 3D model. We place every wall, steel beam, column, and mechanical duct in our 3D model to ensure your trusses are designed to fit correctly. Our proactive attention to detail identifies potential issues at the modeling stage, resulting in cost and time savings at the job site.

Quicksilver Software

Solutions by Design
Our 3D modeling software provides our truss designers with an exact profile of every truss, with any and all truss penetrations shown. This unique ability allows us to design these penetrations and obstacles into the individual trusses. By providing space for ductwork, sprinkler pipe, and catwalk areas, supporting contractors are able to complete their task easily saving more time and keeping the project on schedule.

Accuracy Is Our Goal
PSI integrates the initial 3D model, component engineering, and our innovative production process once your truss submittal is approved. PSI's fabrication software checks each truss for the most efficient use of material and creates a layout for laser projection, ensuring that close tolerances are met. Our patented automated fastening system assembles trusses efficiently and accurately. This combination of laser technology and automated assembly minimizes the possibility of human error assuring a quality product for our end-users.