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We fabricate our trusses using TrusSteel components. TrusSteel is a nationwide leader in cold-formed light-gauge steel truss systems. The TrusSteel shape is backed by exceptional engineering experience and software modeling. Along with a comprehensive library of standardized bearing and MEP details that you can rely on for your project, we can help you get your truss package off the ground.


Utilizing a simple symmetrical truss shape that allows for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, we can design a lighter truss for longer spans. Using the TrusSteel system, we can provide your project with efficient, rigid designs that install quickly with less required bracing. 

Symmetry is everything. Symmetry means no surprises. Clips install the same way on each side of a truss. Bracing attaches to the bottom of the truss chord as easily as it does to the top of the chord. Truss placement and orientation is simplified with a symmetrically-designed chord. 
Symmetry: it sounds simple because it is.


TrusSteel Components

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